Robert Novak is a master intuitive, inspiring teacher, writer, speaker, personal consultant and Yuen Method master. Robert’s divinely inspired transformational work with clients is the catalyst providing them the empowerment and improvements in their life to become their own self-expert, to know their purposes in life and to live them. Robert has the unique ability to pinpoint exactly the answer to improve and progress one’s life.

Robert is the co-author of Allowing God – Insights to Inspire and Renew the Fire of Love at the Very Center of Your Soul with Master and Shaman, Woo Du-An.

Robert is also the creator of the Advancing Life Network where he shares his transformation work and guidance to open up new channels of discovery and unlock the secrets of us.

Inspired transformational writings include:

  • The Spirituality of Success
  • God’s Divine Creations for Knowing Your Soul’s Purposes
  • Restore Feminine Power – Restore Peace, Restore Balance
  • Messages from the Light – Divine Guidance on How to Live on Earth for the Advancement of Your Soul and Consciousness
  • Improve Your Physical Potential

Inspired transformational meditations

  • Sit with God
  • Christ Seed
  • Inner Child
  • River of Love, Power of Choice
  • Planetary Transformation Meditation

Inspiring transformational Gatherings

  • Improve the Potentials of Your Life – Actual resolution of things limiting your life. Closed group every quarter.
  • Christ Sanctuary Gatherings – Wed and Sunday evenings holding a sacred space of the Christ essence integrating in our physical essence.

Programs and Trainings

  • Living The God Formula – Fulfill Your Destiny and Live the Life You Came Here to LiveSelf Adventure Program
  • Living The God Formula – Fulfill Your Destiny 9-Month Integration Program
  • Learn the Yuen Method – Delete Stress and Pain on the Spot
  • Continuance Yuen Method Integration and Advancing Program

Guidance Tool

Advancing Life through God’s Inspirations Oracle Cards – created with spiritual visionary artist, Aaron Pyne, of Sacred Vision Designs

Live Demonstrations

Every 1st and 3rd Tuesday demonstrating my transformational work with people. I take callers and improve their situation immediately (5 minutes) primarily using the Yuen Method, intuitive insight and whatever else necessary.

You can listen to past recordings at Live Demos.


Contact info:


Office: 219-477-3975


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