One Life To Give is a book full of joy, thanksgiving, and wonder and probably unlike any other book you have read. It chronicles the work of a fearless man of God among often isolated peoples living lives consumed by profound spiritual and material poverty, suffering, fear, hopelessness, and unimaginable abuse and yet, ultimately, it is about victory over all of these! The Gospel’s message of love, hope, dignity, healing, salvation and freedom transforms their lives for the here and now and for eternity. This is not a casual armchair read. You will find yourself drawn in and deeply affected.


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21 Things You Should Know About This Author


What book have you gifted the most?

One Life to Give. Why? To encourage others that their lives make a difference in this world, to never give up, and never look back on the past. 

What is the one productivity tool you use every day? Self-motivation. Why? I owned and operated a very successful painting company and have an excellent ability to organize time wisely.

What word do you misspell most often? Tomorrow.

What three things do you do to be a successful writer?

I write non-fiction so the three things I do are: 1. Truthful. 2. Accurate in facts and details. 3. Write with the intent of “bringing the reader into the subject matter as though they were present in the text”.  

What are the titles of the last two books you have read?

The Substance of Things –Charles Capps, Impact–Sharad Nirmal

What is your favorite word?


What do you use more often – a dictionary or a thesaurus?


What would you name the autobiography of your life?

From the Outhouse to the Throne Room

What is your ‘go to’ munchie or drink while writing?

Cold water.

Is a picture worth a thousand words?

Sometimes. Elaborate. In many instances in my life, I have seen things that only words can describe, without violating a person’s dignity. That is very important to me.

What animal are you most similar to and why?

Lamb. I have a very gentle and kind spirit, but keenly perceptive of my surroundings.

How would your best friend describe you?


What keeps you up at night? (and don’t say howling dogs)

Nothing. I sleep very well.

What is one thing you will never do again? 

Never use the words, “I told you so”.

If we came to your house for dinner, what would you prepare?

Cajun ribeye steaks on the grill. Roasted red potatoes, fresh asparagus. 

What is the best compliment you have received – or would like to receive?

I care about individuals when others turn them away.

What question do you hate to answer?

Would you ever write a book about yourself?

Crowds, small groups or ‘go away’?

Small groups.

What would you sing at Karaoke night?

“My Girl” to my wife of 40 years at the time of this answer.

If you had a warning label, what would yours say?

“Tread lightly, I belong to Jesus”!

What is the one question you wished I would have asked you?

I honestly don’t know. Why? You are gifted in what you do and I would like to extend that grace to you to just be yourself in your interviews.