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Our company offers a wide range of services to buyers, sellers, and agents, while adhering to the underlying principles upon which our company was founded. We believe buyers, sellers, and agents should also have creative choices available to them in the digital age. We have always accommodated traditional real estate sales. That foundation has given us the knowledge and vast real estate network to expand into more creative areas of the real estate market. Whether you are a buyer, seller, or agent, you will find our programs refreshing, informative, and liberating.

We network with real estate professionals all over the world. Whether you are listing your home with us, searching for a home, or looking to take your real estate career to the next level, we have the resources and expertise to handle all of your real estate needs.

Real Estate Agents:
As a real estate member with REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc. you can take advantage of this vast referral network and start receiving customers and clients from us wherever you are in the world! We let you choose a membership level that meets your needs, expertise, and income goals. The sky is the limit when you join REALTY UNIVERSAL, Inc.

People looking for homes love our Buyer Rebate Program. This program allows you to get up to 2% of the sale price back at closing. You can use this money towards your closing costs or to reduce the price of the home.

We have flexible programs for anyone selling their home as well. A full service listing is always an option for anyone wanting us to handle every aspect of the real estate transaction, but we also have a program where we only come in once you have a buyer. This can save you 2% over a traditional listing. Looking to sell your home alone? We also have a fantastic For Sale by Owner program.


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