Sometimes it takes just one adventure to spin your life upside down, to flip on a switch that you never knew was in the dark corner of your mind. My study abroad trip to Ireland dusted off a hidden passion for writing I hadn’t realized existed inside of me. I had always loved to tell stories, but was never able to break the chains of impromptu and shyness. I had a fondness of writing all throughout school, and had started a small blog at the beginning of my college career at Southeastern Louisiana University. To make a long story short, I surrounded myself with incredible friends and positive friction; eventually I took both a huge financial and nerve wracking plunge to venture to another country solo to seek inspiration.

I took writing classes at the University of Cork during my month in Ireland, one of which was a class in short storytelling. I took up a love for it swiftly, feeling like it was the perfect matrimony that I needed to bloom. I had time to think before saying what I wanted, and I could largely be behind the safety net of my computer screen while doing it. I made lifelong friends my month away in the breathtaking country, and I probably spent just as much time writing in my room as I did socializing outside classes. It was an escape that would send the hands of the clock swirling by in an instant, and I loved every moment of it.

When I returned from Ireland for my final semester of college, I continued writing. While the series is science fiction, it has deep roots in biblical history, and the first in the series draws inspiration from happenings in my own life. I took one of the “short” stories and turned it into a middle chapter of my first book, Refraction: The Principle of Light. Shortly after I graduated, I published it on Amazon Kindle. I was ecstatic. I had accomplished something I never thought possible, and it didn’t stop there. I hadn’t planned to write more than my one book at the beginning. It was meant to be more or less a test of my own endurance; but, I loved the process so much and had so many ideas brimming for a sequel that I just had to write more. A year later, and out popped the second book Diffraction: The Second Principle of Light. Currently, I’m working on the concluding novel to the trilogy, titled Reflection: The Final Principle of Light.

At this point in my life, I’m working full time at KATC-TV3 as a photographer on the news team, and will be a happily married man on November 26th, 2016, to my amazing fiancé Sabri Dean. I’ve got ideas for book series after my current one, and one day I hope to make this dreamy life one that is self-sustaining.

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