Speak Up Talk Radio Network owner, Patricia J. Rullo launches a new radio program titled Speak Up Talk Radio heard on Salem Media Group’s terrestrial radio stations. The show also airs on online venues such as iHeart Radio, iTunes, car radio dashboards, mobile apps and more. This program gets behind the environmental, social, political, educational and health decisions that affect our lives and futures, yet are not always determined by us, but rather by government, big business and other self interest groups.

Investigative in nature, this show goes where mainstream stops. Pat, a leader in the healthcare and patient safety world and radio host of Speak Up and Stay Alive Patient Safety Radio, now exposes current and relevant harms and charms that either endanger or improve our health, our freedom, our privacy and our sanity.

Pat says, “Often we don’t speak up because we are not aware. This program aims to change that by being the voice for informed choice. Many people accept what is served. We want our listeners to look at what occurs within their everyday life with a bit of a skeptical eye – to help them sort through the hype and ultimately make informed choices. It’s okay to say No and it’s okay to Speak Up because even one voice is powerful!”

As a promotional bonus to the podcast hosts and guests who air on this Network, Pat uses her terrestrial platform to promote all of the programs and interviews that appear on this website.

Speak Up Talk Radio – the voice for informed choice

To reach Pat:

email ~ pr@speakuptalkradio.com

phone ~ 440-725-5462


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