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Leading Green Innovation: BOSCH
Mrs. Green talks with Lisa Bieker, District Sales Manager Southwest-Colorado, Bosch.
Since Bosch was founded in 1886 by Robert Bosch, their home appliances have stood
for reliability, sustainability and well-engineered technologies. They manufacture
the world's most efficient and quietist dishwashers and are the world's largest
suppliers of automobile components. Factor that in and meet Lisa Bieker. She is the
epitome of one person making a difference. Lisa tells us about Serenbe and the green
home she was a part of several years ago and why it mattered to her, about how she
worked with the Geothermal division of Bosch, tied in EV chargers with the
automotive division, and about what's in the works around Bosch homes and GREEN!
Join us to learn all that Lisa and BOSCH have been up to and why she is spearheading
The Green Revolution in her corner of the world. Be inspired and remember that we
can make a difference in our corners too.