Mary Louise Davie taught herself to read at 3 and then shortly thereafter began devouring books at an incredible rate. At eight she wrote her first novella, at eleven she entered her poetry phase for which she obtained national recognition on the college circuit. In her early 20’s she had many songs recorded, but as her father was a famous musician she decided to leave the music to him and went back to her writing. Many years later with 20-some novels completed but just tossed on a shelf she finally attempted publication at a friend’s urging. She changed genres and everything fell into place. A SciFi author was born. Part of what made Science Fiction, actually Hard Science Fiction; the perfect genre is Mary Louise’s background. After earning her Chemistry degree Mary Louise worked as a chemist for a year before realizing she wasn’t likely to be the research scientist she wanted to be. She quit her job and began following the path of IT. In addition she loved reading non-fiction about anything science.

She had subscriptions to all the top science magazines and if a topic caught her eye, she would investigate, even run the numbers to prove her own theories. In fact if it weren’t for her disagreeing so much with a particular theory she read, Sanacion: The Black Hole Mission might not even exist, which was actually great as it began a new journey, one of discovery & joy. Her need for truth in the Science & Tech in her writing is organic – if it doesn’t work, her mind won’t allow her to write anymore until she finds out how it would really work! All things Physics, toss in some IT, a touch of psychology and a lot of imagination and you have a Mary Louise Davie space journey. Frequently compared to writers such as Ray Bradbury or Orson Scott Card, and some of Arthur C. Clarke’s earlier works, Mary Louise takes an interesting trip, never really having an enemy, instead having those who are only acting in self-defense, in defense of their world, in defense of mankind or perhaps in defense of alien-kind.  Mary Louise asks the question what if and then follows it to its rightful conclusion.


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