The Platform

Not only is “impartial and honest justice” a campaign slogan, but it is also part of my platform. Juvenile justice is a large part of the job for the justice of the peace. Given my history of working with troubled teens, I recognize there is a genuine need for more than just ‘punishment’ in dealing with their issues. Too many times the quick solution is a fine, probation, or jail time. Other alternatives are available, and I will do my best to seek them out. Everyone, but especially the young people in our community deserves a second chance, depending on the circumstances, and I will guarantee impartial and honest judgments are handed down. Every case, and every decision will be treated with the same level of impartiality and concern. This goes for small claims cases all the way to domestic issues and everything in between. Sadly, the job also calls for the pronouncement of a loved one who has passed. I will conduct that part of the job with dignity and compassion for the survivors. My offices will be blind to how much money an individual has or doesn’t have, what side of town their family comes from, or what their address is. Each case will be judged on its own, individual merit.