I was born and raised in Fort Worth and attended school there from the first grade and into college. My career started in banking and then furthered my career and education.   

In the Dallas/Fort Worth area, I owned and operated an adolescent drug and alcohol treatment program serving the needs of drug and alcohol dependent kids and served as a board member for a local community theater and a food bank network while living in West Texas.

I have been an active member of various civic organizations including Rotary International and a current member of the Rockport Writers Group, the Rockport/Fulton Chamber of Commerce and current VP of Keep Aransas County Beautiful.   

Writing is my new career after moving to Rockport in 2009 with my wife of nearly forty years, Beth.  Together we have three grown children.  I have two published novels and a few more on the way.


NOTE – during the interview we mentioned the website address of American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. The correct web address is:



Book blurbs

Suicide by Death

“… unavoidably inspiring.” – Kirkus Reviews For several years, Clair has made it a pastime of trying to end her life. She has struggled to manage the outcome, whether it is death at her own hand, or find answers and live, and it is time to choose one or the other. To Clair, death seems like a rational solution to complex issues. She is convinced that there are no rainbows in the sky and certain that the greener grass does not exist on the other side. With many suicide attempts and as many failures, Clair feels that she is once again at the end of the rope, and this time, a short rope it is. Many have suffered the loss of a loved one, friend or acquaintance to suicide, and most of the time without warning. Too often, drugs, alcohol and sexual abuse play a vital role and can lead to depression and is the leading cause of suicide; This is about all three.

Three Days in Heaven

Tony Stanford, a private practice lawyer, works for Saint Grenadine Hospital; which is pretty handy for a heart patient! After an apparent heart attack, he finds himself not of this world, but on a heavenly golf course while his body remains behind. Unprepared to believe that he is dead, his wife and Tony’s best friend, the hospital administrator, alongside a few doctors, work against time to prove to the hospital board he’s not really gone. Even with its religious themes, it is written for any person of any faith to enjoy. Open-heart surgery, dying, and meeting up with God all seem like serious topics, but Three Days in Heaven deals with them in a lighthearted and believable way.