Marcy Heath Robitaille is a heart-baring, faith sharing Mom and author who shares her journey of grief, hope and healing in her new book, Wish You a Goode Journey – Living Life with Eyes Wide Open. After losing her 17 year-old daughter Kenzie in a tragic accident, she recounts the story of her sudden loss—from the depths of depression to soaring new heights, finding joy and surprising treasures along the way. Her book is for anyone who wants inspiration to follow her path and connect with the power of God. 

Born and raised in New England, Marcy is creating her ripple with her charity work for her daughter’s memorial scholarship fund and is a volunteer with the New England Organ Bank and Donate Life.  In supporting missions, she sponsors two children in Kenya and Haiti through Compassion International and Love in Motion to bring hope through these ministries. In addition, Marcy is also a contributor to As Our Own, an organization focused on rescue, aftercare and prevention of children involved in human trafficking.  

Marcy is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys kayaking, bicycling and hiking and lives simply and quietly in her country home in western Massachusetts with her husband Bob and two Cairn Terriers, Grace and Lily.  Not a day goes by that she isn’t reminded of Kenzie through (what she refers to as) Godwinks, subtle messages from above.  


Marcy Robitaille Book Cover

(Pat’s Godwinks moments prior to her radio interview with Marcy!)

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