M. A. Appleby, (pen name of Marjorie Davis Appleby), was born in Northeast Ohio, graduated from Chardon High School, and worked at Bailey Meter Company (ABB) in Wickliffe, where she met and married her husband. She has worn many hats through the years; hairdresser, draftsman, wife, mother, landscape designer, artist, author, and caregiver. An Associate Degree in Office and Business Administration from Lakeland Community College helped her run the office for her son David’s recording studio/sound & lighting business. Marjorie also managed the office of a landscape company, became a Certified Landscape Designer, Horticulturist, and Master Gardener. In 2006, life threw her a curveball when she became her son David’s 24/7 caregiver after he suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury, twelve days after moving to Florida with his family.

Uprooted and transplanted to Naples, Florida, Marjorie figured how to cope with brain injury, high humidity, and a not so empty nest. Marjorie’s original intention was to write David’s story based on the journal she started the day of his accident, however, it was too emotional. With her positive attitude, and her strong conviction not to lose her ‘sense of self’, she took her family’s true life-altering event and blended it into A Whisper Mystery Trilogy called, The Ancient Whisper, Whispered Dreams, and Journey of a Thousand Steps as well as the book titled – Raising David Again, A Guide to Understanding the Uniqueness of Brain Injury and How Faith Sustains Us.