Lynette M. Smith is the Author of the award-winning comprehensive reference book, “How to Write Heartfelt Letters to Treasure: For Special Occasions and Occasions Made Special” With foreword by Peggy Post, director of The Emily Post Institute. Her professional background prior to 2003 included a 9-year secretarial career, 16 years as owner of a successful word processing and editing business, and 5 years as executive director and managing editor for a trade association of business-support-service providers.

In 2003, Lynette established All My Best Business and Nonfiction Copyediting. In 2007, she launched her website which not only promotes her copyediting service but also offers free writing advice—grammar tips she wrote in plain English, a computer-terms spelling dictionary she compiled, and the best writing-related links she’s been able to find.

In October 2009, Lynette introduced her publishing website to distribute her line of information products.