Self-published, paranormal romance author most of the time, creator of Spiridus House (an Author’s Co-Op Support Site) and volunteer at her friend’s vintage boutique, Loni Lynne lives in a reality world based on fantasy. Much like her books, Loni believes that fate and God drive her life and she’s just along for the ride. And truth be told…it’s been a wild one!

Life has offered Loni a wonderful journey from her youth of living in various parts of the United States, from her birth state of Michigan to graduating high school in a town just east of Dallas, Texas. Loni’s served her country in the United States Navy having opportunities to meet interesting characters, learn to sail, call some shots with Navy Supply and work in historic Pearl Harbor, Hawaii all before she was twenty-three. THEN came the hardest job any woman faces, being a stay-at-home mom and raising two beautiful and talented daughters into adulthood, managing a household and the ever changing/never boring marriage to the man she’s called hubby for over twenty-five years. She wouldn’t change it for anything. So many experiences, twists and turns, have led her to this moment in time.

When she’s not working or volunteering in her home base in Western Maryland, she enjoys baking and cooking Gluten-Free (diagnosed with Celiac Disease shortly after the birth of her first book in 2013), hanging with her husband, (sometimes in remote locations like Germany) and spending time with her two young adult daughters as they explore life on their own. She hates to admit it but her TBR pile of books is growing faster than she can keep up. But looks forward to those days when her editor is working on her book(s), the weather is incliment and she can curl up under her blanket in her Victorian winged-back chair with a cup of tea and get a few chapters read.

She has always been a believer in letting God and Fate take you where you need to be…no matter how odd it seems. Sometimes you just have to… Believe in Fate.



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