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Growing up in Africa during the ‘50’s and ‘60’s, Katlynn Brooke’s childhood was an unusual one, even by African standards. While her city peers were learning how to dance to Chubby Checker’s The Twist, or preparing for final exams, she was in a camper, traveling through the African bushveld penning plays and short stories, for the entertainment of her family.

 Katlynn’s education was a mix of home-schooling and some years of boarding school when things got too much for her long-suffering mother. She attended day-school for a few brief years, but then her pioneering father, whose job was to build bridges for the government of Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), would take his family back on the road again.

 Her parent’s concerns were never about the wild animals that prowled around their campsites, animals that proved to be quite harmless to the itinerant family. Instead, their dismay was more about their eldest daughter’s addiction to books, her day-dreaming, and an endless passion for scribbling. According to her parents, and the occasional grumpy math teacher, she lived in a fantasy world of make-believe.

 They were quite correct.

 In spite of all their warnings, Katlynn continued on this track established in childhood. Her travels took her to both India and Indonesia, living in each for several years before settling permanently in the United States. She now lives in Virginia with her enabler husband, and a cat.

Katlynn is still an avid reader and day-dreamer, but now she is able to draw extensively on her past experiences and dreams to create her out-of-the-ordinary fantasy novels.



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