Jenn Flynn-Shon is an author, business owner, and snarky blogger.

Flynn-Shon began her writing life at age eleven and has crafted fictional worlds ever since. She owns a micro-press, Writesy Press, LLC, and self-publishes her catalog of titles. Her fiction tends to center around a tomboy main character. Because, whether the book is a romantic suspense or a happily-ever-after coming-of-age story, strong women are Flynn-Shon’s spirit animal.

Published works include the Shaw McLeary Mystery Series (“Reckless Abandon”, “Reckless Hearts”, Reckless Mind”, “Reckless Shot” [fall 2018]), California Dreamin’ Series (“Carol + Chad 4-eva!”, “Alternate Plans”, “Makeup Your Mind” [Nov. 2017]), “Creative Writing Kickstart” Vol. 1 & 2, “30 Chapters in 30 Days” [Sept 2017], and “Ripple the Twine” (retired).

Personally, she’s an ice hockey fanatic, road trip enthusiast, and lover of cliche. But only if it involves long walks on the beach with her husband at sunset. Flynn-Shon lives and works on the surface of the sun (AKA: Phoenix, AZ).