General Speak Up Talk Radio Interview Flow

Our interviews are relaxed, free flowing and conversational like two friends chatting and catching up. Except I’m most likely way more interested in what you have to say than any of your friends! Here’s a general look at what you can expect.

Here’s a short comment from a recent guest:


All interview questions are custom created just for you. Below simply gives you a basic idea of a typical conversation.


I will share your intro, welcome you to the show, ask an initial question, then turn it over to you to fill in the blanks and provide a peek into your personal life.

The ‘AH-HA’ moment

Take us to the AH-HA moment you had and explain how that led to what you are doing today.

Nuts and Bolts

I will ask several questions that specifically pertain to your topic/business … as a way for you to share with the audience. This is very conversational and relaxed so have fun with it. If you have a specific focus or direction, please let me know or send me some questions 3 days prior to the scheduled interview. If not, I am very good at moving the conversation.

Wrap Up

I will give you an opportunity to discuss anything that we missed and/or offer any final words of advice.


I will ask you to share your contact info, website …

Please call at your scheduled time – 440-286-2011 and try to use a landline if possible for best sound quality. Do not use a speaker. Based on your choice, the interview is scheduled for either 15 or 30 minutes so keep that time-frame in mind as we speak.

By participating in the Speak Up Talk Radio interview, you agree to allow us to record, distribute, and disseminate the interview in any manner as a way to promote you and your work. And you are free to do the same!

Now – sit back and enjoy one of those few opportunities you have to talk about yourself to a very interested audience!