Gerald Rigdon Smiling

My name is G.T. Rigdon and I write morally engaged fiction, provocative stories for curious minds. My themes revolve around fact and faith as viewed through a philosophical lens. In my first book, High Striker, these themes are woven into a story that asks:What is the line that separates good and evil, coincidence and providence, delusion and reality? This question leads us into a world where a brain surgeon who spent his childhood in a carnival is somehow connected to Isaac Newton, Nikola Tesla, The Bible, and serial killing. High Striker is an Old Testament/Carnivale thriller that is grounded by fascinating perspectives from two of the greatest scientific minds of the past.

From an early age, I have been intellectually curious with eclectic tastes, which probably explains my participation in two very different vocations. In my work as an engineer, I’m immersed in the facts and what is understood as truth in the physical world. On the other hand, as a former minister, I was forced to contend with belief in things not seen or provable. As a writer, satisfaction comes from creating entertaining stories that play out the moral choices that arise from the co-existence of these two world views.

Gerald Rigdon Book Cover