In his new book, Get Out of the Dumpster! A True Story on Overcoming Limitations, Dr. Reggie R. Padim narrates the story of how he went from being a high school dropout, working for pennies hauling garbage by hand out of a dumpster, to become a successful educator, author, entrepreneur, executive coach and spiritual leader.

HIs mission is all about helping people overcome their “Dumpster Moments” and go beyond their limitations. An award-winning speaker, his story has inspired many to believe in themselves and recognize their God-given potential.

From 1996 to 2006, Dr. Padin served as an ordained minister in two inner city churches in Pennsylvania and Michigan, providing people in those communities with educational, career training, ESL, and GED preparation programs in order to enhance their lives.

In 2007, Dr. Padin made a career change into the training and development field.  He has served as dean of the corporate university at two different multi-billion dollar companies, helping thousands of professionals develop their leadership, management, and communication skills.  Beginning in 2009, Dr. Padin also began teaching as an adjunct professor at different local and online universities.

His academic credentials include a Master of Divinity, an MBA in Organizational Management, and a Doctorate in Education. When he is not inspiring and training others to come out of their dumpsters, he’s most likely writing, attending a concert, a sporting event, thinking, or simply trying a unique restaurant.

A dynamic speaker, Dr. Padin is available for speaking engagements, appearances, and consulting in corporations, colleges and universities, churches, non-profit organizations, television and radio programs.


Reggie Padin Book Cover