Dr. Garry Rogers grew up on a small farm in Oklahoma, went to high school in northern Arizona, attended college in Arizona and Utah, and taught in New York City. An early reader, Garry dreamed of becoming a scientist or business entrepreneur. After high school, he moved to Phoenix and entered Phoenix College.

Garry earned a PhD in physical geography with a specialty in vegetation ecology. His first job was at Columbia University in New York City. There he conducted scientific research and taught courses in climatology, soils, geomorphology, and biogeography. He has published eight books, numerous scientific articles, and almost 3,000 posts on his nature-conservation blog (garryrogers.com).

Garry is an elected member of the national Scientific Research Society (SigmaXi), and he has spoken about nature conservation on NPR and Good Morning Arizona.

In 2014, Phoenix College inducted Garry to the school’s Hall of Fame. Also in 2014, Garry’s first novel, Corr Syl the Warrior, received the Kirkus Star and won the Arizona State Librarians’ OneBookArizona award.

Garry lives in the forest beside a small river in central Arizona. There he watches and writes about butterflies, deer, turtles, and almost 150 bird species including two on the U. S. endangered species list.