David Osborne No Wig David Osborne Photo

David Osborne is An English barrister with over 40 years’ experience in private practice. David first practised law in London, and now practises from his chambers in Somerset. He is also a successful author, public performer and public speaker.  Some years ago, he hit the headlines nationwide and made legal history when he delivered his final speech to the jury entirely in verse.  For this he was dubbed ‘The Barrister Bard’ by the popular press.

He followed this with the publication of a short humorous book on the law entitled No Holds Barred and written under the pseudonym of Ivor Bigg-Wigg QC.  This is available as an e-book on Kindle.

He appears regularly on radio and television as a legal commentator, and has written a number of articles for the national and regional press, as well as various journals.

In the recent past, David has also written and presented two legal revues, both times to full houses. He is regularly in demand as a keynote and after-dinner speaker, and has written a short book on the Art of Public Speaking.

David is also the author of three humorous books on the Law. His latest, entitled Order in Court is soon to be released by his American Publishers, and will be available in all reputable bookstores and on Amazon.