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Pat will come to your location if nearby, or simply record via the telephone. It’s that easy! Pictured with Dr. Chuck Gerba microbiologist University of Arizona

Gain Immediate Trust as the Industry Expert.

A Few Questions

Would you like to have your own podcast but don’t know how? Don’t have the time to face the learning curve? Not interested in spending money on expensive equipment?

One Answer

No problem. When you Podcast with Pat – we do the heavy lifting – you reap the rewards. We have the solution if you want to increase your market share by including audio content in your marketing plan. Podcasting gives you the opportunity to connect with your current and prospective customers and clients as you gently become a part of their busy lives. We interview you – no equipment required and nothing for you to figure out. We come to your location if you’re nearby, or simply record over the telephone. It’s that easy!

What is a Podcast?

Podcasts are recorded audio presentations, discussions, interviews or stories made available to download or stream online either directly from your website and/or from podcasting sites such as iTunes. Podcasting is a strategy to help you attract and retain customers by sharing ideas and information, as opposed to making a hard sell. For example, a counselor or coach might share ways to improve a relationship or deal with anger. Or an insurance agent might provide tips for protecting one’s assets. Each episode can focus on a different topic, a related topic or can be a continuation of a previous one.

Listen to an example here:  Sandra Reich


How do people listen? It’s easy. They can:

  • click on your podcast from your website and listen immediately
  • download your podcast manually and listen later
  • subscribe to your podcast via iTunes and download automatically to listen later

Here’s why podcasts are an exciting medium for your business:

  • Podcasts are inexpensive to start

When you podcast with Pat,  you have no need to invest in any equipment. With our podcast service, she either physically comes to your location with microphones and recording equipment or you can tape via the telephone.

  • Podcasts with Pat do not require much of a time commitment

Because consistent content is one of the hallmarks of a successful podcast – we suggest a weekly episode or bi-weekly at the very least. This can be accomplished in one visit or one single phone call per month where we tape several episodes at the same time. While the length of podcast episodes can vary, keeping episodes to 15 -30 minutes increase the likelihood that listeners can consume full episodes without interruption.

Because podcasts are also very conversational, you won’t need to write out everything you want to say. We will create an outline for you ahead of time to help you stay on topic, but most of the conversation will be fine unscripted. In fact, unscripted allows the listener to get to know the real you. Plus Pat will be there to guide you through the conversation as she is a pro at asking relevant questions and knows how to keep things easy and relaxed.

  • Podcasts position you as an industry expert

What kinds of industries use podcasts? A quick look at iTunes shows everything from sewing to wine to economics. And don’t be concerned about your expertise being too niche; in fact, niche podcasts may work well because you have less noise to fight through.

Podcasting is cutting edge and perhaps very few of your competitors are wise enough to take advantage of this smart marketing strategy. By being a front-runner, you immediately gain recognition as being an expert in your field. Podcasts inspire loyalty and give your listeners the time they need to settle in and engage more deeply with what you’re saying. And here’s an important point that separates you from competitor’s traditional radio and print ads – podcasts are not commercials or advertisements. Your podcast exists to share something of value to both potential and current clients and does not focus on selling something. Somehow when you give, you receive.

  • Podcasts are perfect for storytelling

As a small business, your stories are what help you draw people in, get them invested in your business, and persuade them to choose your business over the competition. As an audio based platform, podcasts allow you to harness more communication power than the written word alone. Your listeners hear your stories straight from the source, rather than reading the words and interpreting them on their own. This helps you convey tone, timing, humor, and excitement in a way that even the most talented writers struggle to get across on a page.

  • Podcasts are extremely convenient to consume

More than blog posts or videos, which demand a person’s full attention, podcasts give listeners the gift of multitasking. That’s why most podcast listeners listen to podcasts through their smartphones, tablets, or other mobile devices. Listeners are able to listen while getting ready in the morning, driving to work, or cooking dinner making them easy to incorporate into daily routines

  • Multiple Ways to Re-Purpose

You can use each episode into perpetuity and in multiple ways.

~ As an educational tool, you can assign a podcast as ‘homework’ prior to a coaching or counseling session.

~ Use the podcast as a refresher after a coaching or counseling session or after a meeting with a client.

~ Develop ‘fly-on-the-wall’ audio documentaries showing prospective and current customers and clients what you do behind the scenes, introduce them to your team and your process and create opportunities to showcase and excite listeners with unknown features of new products or service. This soft introduction allows to follow up and promote more easily after a listen.

~ Entice prospective clients or cold leads by sharing a relevant podcast with them prior to meeting.

Your podcasts can be downloaded and shared for years to come and serves as a long-term marketing technique with no additional work on your part.

  • Potential to Monetize Your Podcast

Because your podcast is available on demand at any time day or night, coupled with the huge rise in mobile usage (according to Edison, 71 percent of Americans use a mobile device to listen to podcasts) this represents podcasting’s most important path to entice potential advertisers. Once you have established a base of useful content, you can reach out to local businesses, friends, or clients in your area who may find it beneficial to pay you in exchange for a short ad or mention on your podcast.

  • Having your own podcast is just plain fun

With Pat by your side to guide the interview, you’ll shine like a pro. Even the most nervous immediately get lost in their passion and the interview quickly evolves into a conversation between friends. Take a listen to some unsolicited post interview comments.


Pat at Schraff

Pat pre-records at the attorney office of Schraff and King with Patricia Schraff and team.

So – Are You Ready to Get Started?

If you feel excited after reading this page, then you already know the answer. Time to start developing your podcast!

Here’s how simple it is.

What you and Pat do together – then you’re done:

  • Decide upon the frequency and length of the podcast
  • Outline a range of potential topics
  • Define the scope, purpose and focus of your first few podcasts
  • Arrange for a time to record. This can be done at your location if within close proximity or we can record via the telephone.

What Pat does for you:

  • Creates interview questions
  • Creates a professionally produced intro and outro
  • Adds royalty and copyright free music
  • Tapes the interview
  • Edits the interview to create a smooth, easy to enjoy segment
  • Creates an mp3 file to share with you
  • Posts your episode on this site – Speak Up Talk Radio Network
  • Promotes your podcast within her weekly nationally syndicated radio programs with 4 flagship stations in Cleveland, Ohio as well as on Internet sites such as iHeart Radio, iTunes, Stitcher, mobile apps and more.


 4 or 5 weekly episodes/ up to 30 minutes ~ $398 month

Single or occasional episode/ up to 30 minutes ~ $108 per episode

Episodes over 30 minutes ~  additional $30 per fifteen minute increments

Optional and Extra

iTunes Exposure ~ We will create your own account with iTunes and show you how to submit your podcast to iTunes from your website. One time $55.00

YouTube Exposure ~ We will open a YouTube account in your name, (unless you already have one) create video using audio and still photos and post episodes to your YouTube Channel. Rate – $45.00 per episode

For more information or to talk personally – contact Pat Rullo



Need more evidence that podcasts are having a moment?

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