Create an emotional attachment with your website visitors.

Add professionally produced audio to your ‘OUR TEAM’ or ‘OUR STAFF’  page.


While a photo and the written word share important information about your team and tantalize the eyes – hearing the voice, the inflection, the emotion and the passion rounds out the client/potential customer experience to tantalize the ears too! This allows your web visitors to ‘get to know’ your people on a more intimate level and helps them to know what to expect from their encounter with you.

Click the picture? Oops – it goes nowhere and so does your prospect.

Great picture but it doesn’t convey much. Who are these people? Why would I want to do business with them? Click the picture? Oops – it goes nowhere and so does your prospect.

Click the picture! What a fun and smart way to turn prospects into clients. 


CLICK THE PICTURE! Audio Moments are a 2-3 minute behind the photo experience with each member of your team. A fun way to engage the visitor and leads them to linger longer.

Perfect for any business – real estate, insurance/finance related, attorney groups, salons, spa’s … if you have people – you need to be heard!

How Does It Work?

As a nationally syndicated radio host and producer of hundreds of podcasts and interviews, Pat Rullo will pre-record over the phone, or if nearby, come to your location with professional recording equipment to capture some real thoughts from each member of your team on a one-on-one basis. (interview style with Pat asking a few select questions to fill 2-3 minutes.) Back in the studio, we then edit each segment to make them shine, add music, create an audio mp3 file and send to you. You can embed the audio file within each team member’s photo so when a client clicks on the picture, the audio begins. Or you can create a page for each person with their photo, written bio as well as the audio.

Example:  Pat asks the questions:

  • What would you like your clients to know about you? (Allows the listener to get a sneak peek into who you really are)
  • Why do you love working at _____? (Not only promotes the salon but shows your passion for where you ‘choose’ to work)
  • Why do clients keep coming back to see you? (Taps into the ‘me too’ mentality – if other’s come back, then you must be good, therefore I’ll come here too.)
  • What are you best known for? (There’s no shame in tooting your own horn. People want, expect and respect competency.)
  • What do you like to do in your spare time? (Again – a behind the scene look at who you are outside of the salon)
  • What’s your best piece of advice for _________? (Positions you as the expert. Plus people remember and tend to share helpful and free tips)
  • What is your favorite _____ moment? (A powerful way to end by sharing a humorous, touching or meaningful experience you’ve had either with a client or fellow team members. If you can make someone smile or shed a tear, you have immediately created an emotional bond.)

Note: We will discuss the tone of the segments too. Formal or Chatty? Detached or Warm? Professional or Wacky? Serious or Humorous? Laid Back or Lively? Or somewhere in between? We can create additional or different questions in collaboration with you and your staff. No need to be nervous about speaking. Each person will have the opportunity prior to taping to read the questions and prepare written answers if they choose. Everything is pre-recorded with time to record several versions and a full editing will take place until each segment is perfect.


$25.00 per person per interview. As a bonus, this also includes your logo and link back to your site on, and

Contact:  Pat Rullo ~ 440-725-5462 or