Angela is a Southern California Native, who lives in San Diego with her husband, teenage son, and Toy Australian Shepherd. Her eldest son is a US Marine stationed in Okinawa, Japan.

Angela is a hairstylist, an entrepreneur, and a foodie. She is a lover of all things witty, random, weird, science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, and of course, psychology and metaphysics.

Angela began writing in her spare time for fun. It was a hobby that scratched a creative itch in an exciting and challenging way. Her muse (a feisty little thing) pushed, prodded, and pressured her to keep writing. Not wanting to anger her muse, she wrote a few children’s books, a screenplay, a young adult novel (that was way too long) and made a few false starts on a few books, which she never completed. With a full-time job, kids, and a husband, she found the early morning, 4:30 am, to be the best time to listen to her muse and write with no interruptions. Her love of Teen and Young Adult books and her sons’ obsession with video gaming and comic book characters sparked the seed for Combat Boy, a Teen/Young Adult, sci-fi, fantasy series. (Two books so far), Combat Boy and the Monster Token and Combat Boy and the Lord of Monster Realm. The tone of the series is playful, and humorous with strong moral undertones, as it highlights a boy who strives to do well by others and whose downfall is his self-serving brother. Think: Night at the Museum meets Comic-Con with monsters and a cosmic twist.

Angela knows that computers and smartphones bring a broad range of high-energy entertainment to children and young adults at breakneck speed. They love it; can’t get enough of it. Videos, movies, and video games are here to stay. The problem is, it’s not always easy to find books for children and young adults that keep their focus or interest as a video game can. Young and reluctant readers will put aside a book if it’s bogged down with lengthy, overly wordy, or boring descriptive paragraphs. They will keep reading if the writing is fast-paced, tight, and visual. Being a very visual thinker, Angela decided to make it her mission to write for reluctant readers. If her writing can pull a reluctant reader in and hold their attention, she believes it will do the same for all types of readers. Best of all, she knows a reluctant reader is only reluctant until he or she finds that fun, fast-paced story that turns them into an eager reader. That’s her goal. She wants to create that kind of transformative magic with her writing. And from what fans are saying about Combat Boy and the Monster Token, it’s got that fast-paced, attention holding mojo.


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